Digital Wasp

Digital Wasp Limited is a registered CAA drone operator!

We hold all the required paperwork to operate across the UK and beyond.

At Digital Wasp we create content and collect data using drones. We work with leading broadcasters and video production companies.

We visualise architectural projects, monitor construction builds and perform surveys on commercial and private properties.

We work with smallholder and large scale farmers to map their land, monitor crops during the crop lifecycle and provide Infrastructure to data collection.



Our services

Video Production

At Digital Wasp we use the latest drone technology to create content, we use the DJI range of drones with cameras outputting 4K video in various codecs. we also offer post production and we can deliver your content in various formats to its desired video / photo sharing platform.
We partner with production crews and provide a full kit


Our drones save time, improve communication, and reduce cost by using drone data to perform surveys, conduct inspections, and document every job site.
Simplify pre-construction site planning and design.
Create an interactive site view including maps, photos, panoramas and video.
Create, document, and share a visual timeline with all stakeholders.


All our agricultural work is done in Africa. Climate change is a big thing for us here at Digital Wasp, we want to play our part in food production for now and the future.
Using our data collection experience we have teamed up with AAS (Africa Agribusiness Services) Limited to innovate in the Agritech space.
We have introduced to the market "Agriphone" a smart phone for farmers along with proprietary Apps "Agristat" and "Agriwallet".
Agristat currently holds a database of 20,000 coffee farmers with data from farm to cup, the farmers are serviced by a network of FSAs (field support agents) managed by the Agriphone.
Our drones map the farms and monitor the full crop cycle

Our work

Here is a selection of some of our work, for more examples please get in touch

Drone video production






Post production