Digital Wasp

Digital Wasp Limited is a registered CAA drone operator!

We hold all the required paperwork to operate across the UK and beyond.

At Digital Wasp we create content and collect data using drones. We work with leading broadcasters and online outlets, property developers and architects, PR agencies and marketing teams.

We specialise in aerial surveys, video production and photogrammetry 

Digital Wasp Showreel

Aerial videos, Photography, Photogrammetry, 3D visualisations

Our services

These are our core offerings!

Video Production

At Digital Wasp we use the latest drone technology to create content, we use the DJI range of drones with cameras outputting 4K video in various codecs. we also offer post production and we can deliver your content in various formats to its desired video / photo sharing platform. We partner with production crews and provide a full kit

Surveys and Inspections

The request for surveys and inspections have come from a wide range of clients, from the private landlord wishing to identify the source of a roof leak to the parish priest needing a church tower inspection. Our drone service offers cost and time savings, eliminating the need for scaffolding.
Great service for asset management

Cloud Points and 3D Visualisations

BIM and 3D visualisation is increasingly being used by planners, designers and architects. Using our drones we collect data in the form of cloud points that are easily integrated into GIS software such as CAD.
Great tool for sharing information such as progression status amongst various stakeholders.

Our work

Some of our Photography! 

A selection of stills used in Press, Publications and Editorials

Our work

Here is a selection of some of our work, for more examples please get in touch

Drone video production
Drone surveys and Inspections
Cloud points and 3D Visualisations
Post production

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