About us

Who we are

Digital Wasp is a CAA certified drone operator

We have operated in the industry for the past 4 years, the industry is emerging with lots of exciting opportunities. 

We first began by creating compelling content due to our past experience in production and post production. 

We have teamed up with production crews on set, and worked with major broadcasters to provide content directly or compliment their work.

We then ventured into surveys and the construction industry. 

We have surveyed large buildings, provided progression visualisations for construction sites and provided services for landlords and asset managers

Data collection is increasingly playing a large part of what we do. 

The agricultural sector has allowed for us to expand and grow our offerings. 

At Digital Wasp we like challenges, we work within our legal parameters as set out by our operations manual. We take a consultative approach to our work and are always open to converse drones. So why not start a conversation, would love to hear from you.