Drones in agriculture is changing the way farmers manage and operate on their farms. 

From initial mapping of the land, preparation for the seedlings, to the predictions of harvest yields, providing valuable insights to the farmer allowing for them to farm confidently.

We provide intelligence to enhance management decisions; year-round monitoring of the farm through the processing of multi-spectral data and understanding yield threats. 

We generate variable rate prescriptions using in-season crop health imagery, helping to support a more productive scouting program, providing data for pre and post-treatment applications.

Working with crops such as Coffee and Sorghum, Digital Wasp is suitably placed to gather data for crops with previously no data, along with our Agriphone we are working with farmers to improve yields and help meet the food demands of the future.

  • Agriphone is a smart phone for farmers
  • The phone is robust, water and dust proof
  • The phone comes pre-loaded with farm management and crop management Apps, “agristat” which is concerned with traceability and “agriwallet” which is aimed at smallholder farmers, record keeping and financial inclusion.
  • The data collected provides confidence to the buyers thus improving the entire value chain from supplier, farmer and buyer
  • Training content on (GAP) Good agricultural practice is preloaded and is crop specific

  • FSA (field support agents) are a network of individuals delivering training and act as agronomists to the farmers
  • The FSAs are regularly trained and coached by AAS our sister company
  • General inclusive model with a strong emphasis on female FSAs to reach out to female smallholder farmers wishing to turn their farms into a business

Acres and Signals

Acres and Signals is a joint initiative between Digital Wasp and AAS (Africa agribusiness services limited) 

Jointly we are collecting the data and building a support network. This programme allows us to reach out to the diaspora, especially those with unused land.

We work to restore that land to working farms, either though rental to local smallholder farmers wishing to expand or those with no land wishing to lease.